Mainly engaged in agricultural chemical, dyeing and concrete admixture products development, production, marketing, products widely used in pesticides, building materials, medicine, printing and dyeing, ceramics, refractories, rubber and other industries.
Calcium lignosulfonate
Sodium lignosulfonate
Alkaline lignin
Sodium Gluconate
Concrete air-entraining agent
Gleditsia powder
Tea Saponin
Nekal BX
Cleaning agent LS
Wet powder special additives
Carboxyl methyl Cellulose
Sodium dodecyl
Calcium lignosulfonate MS
Nekal BX
Chemical Composition Butyl naphthalene sulfonate
Performance To a significant reduction in water Surface Tension, with good penetration and wetting, and also an excellent re-wettability with emulsion, spreading and seethe Performance.
Stability Acid-fast, alkali resistant, but not alkaline bath mercerizing resistant hard water by adding a small amount of salt can greatly increase the penetration, when aluminum, iron, zinc, lead salts precipitate.
Mixes with the nature In addition to cationic dyes and cationic surfactants, in general can be mixed, non-ionizing type leveling agent in the dye bath, it will relax into the complex, which more than offset level dyeing Performance, generally do not use the bloody battles at the same time.
Item Index
Appearance White powder
Solubility Soluble in water
PH 1%Aqueous solution
PH 7~8.5
Ionization Anionic Surfactants
Widely used in textile printing and dyeing process, the main agent used as a wetting agent and emulsifier and the rubber industry and emollient, humectant paper industry, Lakes of the wetting agents and industrial chemical fertilizer and pesticide synergist, such as industry .
40 kg plastic-lined fiber drum or 40 kg plastic woven bag Packing. Storage should be in a cool, dry air of the warehouse, sealing the preservation, Storage for one year.
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